Ayurveda Theory and Therapy (Practice) Basic course

Ayurveda – das Wissen vom Leben. Die traditionelle indische Heilkunst Ayurveda gehört zu den ältesten Lehren von Gesundheit, Krankheit und Therapie. Bereits seit mehr als 5000 Jahren werden die ayurvedischen Diagnose- und Heilmethoden angewandt.

Ayurveda Theory and Therapy (Practice) Basic course

Das Wort Ayurveda stammt aus der indischen Gelehrtensprache Sanskrit und wird aus Ayur = Leben und Veda = Wissenschaft kombiniert.

We would like to invite all participants, who have greater interest to join us in our 1st Ayurveda Theory and Therapy (Practice) Basic course starting in June – July 2024. In these six weekends (twelve theory lessons) and three days, six therapy sessions you can learn the basic theories of Ayurveda and practice the therapy techniques and enjoy the cooking demonstration & Ayurveda recipes.
This course will be conducted in English and a working knowledge of English is required. The group should consist of 8 to 10 participants at the beginning of the course.


The course aims and Objectives:

  • To gain the basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.
  • To understand and learn secret Ayurveda massage techniques and strokes.
  • To learn Ayurveda dietary regimes and cooking methods.


Eligibility criteria for the Ayurveda Theory and Therapy course: 

  • Physicians interested in Ayurveda and complementary medicine
  • Nurses, Therapists, Healers, Physiotherapists or those who are interested in these fields
  • Chefs, Dieticians, professionals in Hospitality industry
  • Physiotherapists
  • Anyone interested in Ayurveda and Complementary medicine

  • Three Days Therapy sessions will be held at (Venue): Centrum für Gesundheit, Uhlandstrasse 9, 75449 Wurmberg, Germany.

Course fee: 1,750 Euro for fifteen days (weekends)

Payment Method: Bank transfer/remittance to the following Bank Account in currency of Euro or Doller. Payment can be made in two instalments as follows.

• First payment should be three weeks before the start of Theory Sessions

• Last payment should be: two weeks before the start of Therapy Sessions

Name of the Account Holder:             Dr. H.K.Mangala Kumara

Account number:                                  084407168574457

Name of the Bank:                                People’s Bank, Sri Lanka

Branch:                                                   Aluthgama

Bank Code:                                            7135

Branch code:                                         84

Swift code:                                            PSBKLKLX XXX


Cancellation policy:

Cancellations can only be made in writing to the e-mail . The timeliness of the cancellation depends on the receipt of the cancellation at the Centrum für Gesundheit.
– If you cancel your participation up to two weeks before the start of the course, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee.

– Cancellations up to one week before the start of the course will incur a cancellation fee of 75% of the course fee.

– If you cancel less than one week before the start of the course, the full course fee will be charged.

If you have already found another person for your registration in the course of canceling, no cancellation fees will be charged. The condition for the release of cancellation fees is the participation of this person in the entire course.


Detailed Information of the Ayurveda Theory and Therapy Course

We would like to invite all participants to join in our Ayurveda theory course starting in June – July 2024. The course provides the fundamental principles of Ayurveda including the vital energies, the tissues, and the metabolisms, practical introduction to the classical oileation or oil applications (Ayurveda massages techniques and strokes), Ayurveda dietary regimes and cooking methods. Trainees will see oil applications are carried out, not just in a classroom environment but also in an environment where Ayurveda is practiced.



Ayurveda Theory

1. Introduction and history of Ayurveda1.

  • Revival of Ayurveda medicine
  • Ashtanga Ayurveda – 8 branches of Ayurveda

2. Fundamental principles of Ayurveda

  • Concept of Panchamaha bhootha (Theory of five elements)
  • Concept of Three Dosha
  • Prakurthi (Body Constitution)
  • Concept of Agni and Ama
  • Concept of Sapta Dhathu
  • Shad Rasa (Six types of Tastes)
  • Ayurveda ideas on energy centers (Chakras) and vital points in the body

3. Ayurveda diagnoses

(Ashtanga Parikshana: The eight ways of examination -pulse, tongue, eyes nails and skin etc)


4. Curing and prevention of disease

  • Poorva karma (Sneha, Swedha)
  • Shodhana Chikitsa (Detoxification therapy) – Pancha karma
  • Shamana Chikitsa (Managing the symptoms of disease
  • Concept of Dinacharya (Daily routine)


5. Ayurveda preparations

  • Kashaya (decoctions)
  • Kashaya (decoctions)
  • Swarasa (fresh juice)
  • Kalka (herbal pastes)
  • Phanta (hot infusion)
  • Choorna (powders)
  • Vati (pills)
  • Asava and Arishta (herbal tonics)
  • Medicated Ghee
  • Thailya (Medicated oils)


6. Ayurveda food and diet regimes and practical cookery

  • The six tastes, diet regimes and guide lines for the different body types.
  • Daily and seasonal rules to balance the constitutional types
  • The effect of Ayurvedic teas, herbs and spices on health
  • Kitchen tools, cooking methods and food stocks
  • Practical instruction and counseling on Nutritional value of diverse food
  • Practical Ayurveda cooking workshops


Ayurveda Therapy and demonstration

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Face massage
  • Upper and lower limbs massage
  • Thorax and abdominal massage
  • Upper and lower back massage
  • Foot massage
  • Therapeutic massage techniques
  • Vital points and Marma points



Participation in all of the sessions is required to successfully complete the course. Successful trainees will be awarded a Certificate of Participation jointly by the Centrum für Gesundheit.



Dr. H.K.Mangala Kumara
Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Consultant Integrative Medicine
Doctor of Medicine Acupuncture (MD)
Certificate in Homeopathy (Gold)
Diploma in Counseling Psychology (DCP)
Diploma in Massage Therapy (DMT)


Reading material

Each participant receives the course materials at the beginning and during the course. All study materials may NOT be copied or otherwise reproduced, NOT be sent by e-mail and NOT be published in internet forums. Thank you for the appreciation with the preservation of Ayurvedic knowledge by upholding these guidelines.


All theory Sessions are held via Zoom: Participants will receive the Zoom link three days before the theory sessions begin.


More Information

To request further information and registration details, please go on http://centrum-gesundheit.com/
After successful registration you will receive an email with information about the course. If you do not receive an email after registering or if you have any questions about registration. Please contact us via or 004915125907350


Please download the registration form. Fill it out and send it to the Centrum für Gesundheit. 

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